About Me

Technologies I know









 With over 8 years of experience in the IT industry primarily as a Senior Drupal Web Developer, I am a backend and frontend web developer with experience in the Government and Education Sector in the following technologies.


- Drupal 6/7 , Wordpress, Joomla

- LAMP and WAMP Stack

- MVC Frameworks like MVCnPHP, Zend, CodeIgniter etc

- PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, jQuery

- GIT and SVN

- Drush

- Acquia Dev Desktop and Cloud

- Windows and Linux Server Administration

- Proficient in CLI

- Experience with multiple project management tools

and much more


Active member of the Drupal community.


Experienced with Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 and familiar with Drupal 8's various development and deployment methodologies. 


I have been a Web Developer and technology enthusiast since my 8th grade as a hobby and I love it. 


My other interests include Travelling, watching movies, finding great deals for friends family and myself, video games and gadgets.