Application Development  - C,C++, Java,,


LOGO was the first programming language I came across. It was awesome fun, especially because of my interest in drawing stuff. After a few years I was introduced to BASIC which was a little bit more advanced than LOGO. I loved it. Then I did some scripting (HTML and Javascript). Then, during my bachelors I was introduced to C programming language, I was again in love with programming. I was the reference person for all of my classmates. If they had any questions they used to ask me.

Then I learned Java. The teacher suggested us that it would be better if we learned C++ before learning Java. So I took a good book for C++ suggested by him and learned C++ over the weekend (3 days). I became pretty clear about the concepts to start with Java. I loved Java so much that I decided to do my final project for Bachelors in Java.

After I came for masters in the US, I realized that C++ was the language they used for programming assignments. Some of the courses I took involved advanced C++ programming using OPEN GL API for 3D animation using C++. Aft first it was NOT fun but as the time went by, it was. At the end, I learned C++ along with usage of STL libraries.

I helped out my friends with their assignments in and learnt it along with them even though I didn't do that course. Later during my internship I learned programming in and developed application features for an awesome company.

I love learning new programming languages and am a fast learner.


Web Development - HTML,, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, JSP, J2EE


During my schooling, lot of things led me to develop a website. So I learned HTML and started developing websites. Then as the days passed by I improved my web development skills from static pages to dynamic pages using Javascript, VBScript, J2EE, JSP,,  PHP.

I had an awesome time developing server side pages using J2EE Servlets and JSP during my Bachelors final project and decided that I will chose web development as a career.

After working a lot with CMS like Joomla and Wordpress, I jumped into the field of PHP web development where I work on frameworks and develop great applications. So far the years of experience has been awesome and am loving it. 


Database Development -  Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle


I, since my childhood, had a good habit of keeping everything organized and orderly. I used to help my mom clean the house and put things together. I had an interest in collecting whatever interested me. We had a big load of comic books, story books, audio cassettes, video cassettes, CDs (After 1998), DVDs (After 2000) etc. that I liked to make a list of along with some attributes like where it is and what label number it had etc. which would make it easy to search for it.

It started with paper where I used to make a list of inventory in the paper to keep track of what were in the house and what were borrowed. Then after we got our first computer in 1998 (during my high school), we used Excel. Then I came to know about databases and wanted to learn and decided to go in to computer sciences.

Now I have worked with all of the following for managing data:

  • Javascript objects usage for using text file as data source for various kinds of information

  • MS Excel

  • MS Access

  • Oracle 9i, 10g

  • Dbase

  • MS SQL Server

  • MySQL