Hobbies and Interests

Tech Support to Deal Catcher


Since the day I got my first PC, I have been very curious in technology which in turn made me a computer geek that I am. I have been opening and fixing electronic gadgets and computers since a long time now. I love to fix technical problems without taking them to the technician. This interest of fixing and building computers turned into a hobby of mine and since then my friends and relative who know about my interest have been asking me to assemble them a computer and fix some computer problem etc. and I love doing it.


Since the day I entered the USA, I have been able to find every kind of electronic device I imagined and had interest in i.e. whatever kind of devices I think about is available for buying at a competitive prices. Such availability of competitive prices made me look for the cheapest prices on the web. Using my searching skills that I developed from my experience I almost always find the best deals to buy. This attracted my friends attention and whenever they buy anything they contact me for reference and I guide them.


Helping others has always helped me so I almost never back out from helping anyone, if I am capable of doing it.


Gamer - Play and Test


My first video game was ATARI 2600 (1990 - 1992). I didn't even know what a video game was back then. Then we got a SNES dupe called Media Wiz Kid. It took cartridges as input. Later on we as we became more aware of the video games capabilities we ended up buying almost every console in the market. Me and my brother had the greatest time playing co-op games and awesome one player games while watching each other play.

We have owned and played these videos games (sorted in ascending order of buying date):


  • ATARI 2600

  • Media WizKid

  • Personal Computer

  • Brick game

  • PS One (Playstation One)

  • Playstation 2

  • PS2 Slim

  • Nintendo DS

  • Playstation 3

  • PSP

  • Xbox 360

  • Nintendo Wii

  • Xbox One

  • Playstation 4

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Xbox One S


 Blogging - Yahoo Blog, Blogger, Basic Text (HTML)


I have always liked and wanted to share my experiences with everyone so I started blogging. Blogging makes me feel connected to people and makes me more expressive.

I learned a lot since we got our first PC. I was very excited and wanted to share my knowledge that I was gaining so I started writing it in notepad and then learned HTML and started a blog kinda thing. As years went by I came across the Yahoo blog and I started using it and then started blogger also. I write about my experiences in the world of technology and life experiences so that it helps people to decide what to do and what not to do.

The following are some of my blog sites:

  • Click here - My first blog which I wrote everyday during my trip to Saudi Arabia when I was not aware of any blogging tools. All coded in basic html.

  • My private Yahoo Blog which I started many years ago after I came to know that there exists some websites which let us write blogs.

  • My Blogger blog which I started for public sharing.

  • My Visa guide website which I created when I had my own VISA experience in Chennai. I knew my friends would ask me about my experience so I made this site to answer their questions and for their preparation.


Video Editing - Ulead Video Studio, Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker


Having a huge collection of video cassettes and home videos on a video camera let me to copy all the videos to a digital format when we got our computer. After accomplishing the Analog to Digital conversion of the video, I got interest in cutting out some unnecessary parts in the home videos and to add some special effects to them so I ended up learning video editing and did a lot of special stuff using my imagination like creating a double role of me, adding special effects to a screen, adding overlays, etc.

This led me to become the webmaster/technical staff for Indian students association. I created a lot of videos for some special events which was played in front of over 400 people. And some of those videos were requested by other university people to show in their university events. Most of these videos can be found on my youtube channel.


 Drawing - Sketching and Painting


I grew up watching cartoons. I still remember those happy days of Saturday morning cartoons. I was so obsessed with cartoons that I wanted to create one myself so I started with drawing. My dad bought us a lot of books for learning how to draw. Starting with those then I started trying to draw cartoon character while it was on TV. As you know that in TV the characters keep moving, but I still managed to capture the character on paper. I had a 2 200 pages book full of cartoon drawings which I saw on TV and drew.

I won a consolation prize in the International Children's Film Festival at Hyderabad during my schooling in a cartoon story drawing competition. I created imaginary story about a snake and a crow with 4 scenes in it. That was one of my biggest achievements during schooling :). Now I draw stuff on computers :D


Google search


I used to gain knowledge about technology and troubleshooting technical issues from magazines like [email protected], pc quest and Digit but as the days went by the quality of magazines degraded. So I started using Google for all kind of solutions. My friends used to call me regarding technical issues. I fixed most of their problems with my experience and knowledge but sometimes when I didn't have the experience to help me out I used my googling knowledge to get solutions in the first page itself. After a lot of practice I developed a skill which helps me find the solutions to whatever I am looking for in the first page itself. This searching technique not only helped me in Google but also on eBay and some other sites which helped me become a deal catcher that I am.