Work Projects

  • Juggle Keyword Organization Toolkit (JKOT)
I worked as an application developer at LLC from September 2009 to December 2009. While I was working there I developed a reporting application using DevExpress for Visual Studio 2008 with and SQL Server. It retrieves cost and revenue obtained on each campaigns on each search engine it was published and gave the profit reports in the form of graphs. This made it easy for the analysts to deactivate and active campaigns based on the profit report. I also fixed some bugs reported by the analysts which was hindering them from proceeding in their publishing work. 
  • CSI Spectrum Management
While working at SIUe Campus Recreation as the Technical Specialist from May 2007 to May 2009, I took the role of a user, tester, analyst for a member and inventory management software called CSI Spectrum Management. This software was used for managing memberships and inventory in the facility and I, as the administrator, looked for bugs and features that might be useful, and informed the employees at CSI Software USA for their next release. 
  • Campus Recreation Website
As part of my tech support job at SIUe, I also maintained and updated the Campus Recreatoin website and troubleshooted hardware issues on computers.  
  • DNR Iowa Website

When I started working as a PHP web developer, I was the sole developer who enhanced and managed the Department of natural resources website for the Iowa state government in Des Moines, Iowa

  • MBDA Website
As part of my first web development job in the east coast of USA, I developed and managed multiple drupal modules for the Minority Business Development Agency in Washington DC.
  • Strayer University Website

With experience gained in the US government with Drupal and server administration, I helped Strayer in the Education field with development and maintenance of their marketing website. As a part of the job, I also helped in improving the sites traffic by enhancing SEO and performance of the sites. And also worked on the student portal with integration with Salesforce and Blackboard.


  •  DCHBX Website

 After a few years working in the educational field, I worked with the District of Columbia in setting up, managing and developing web development standards for the DC Health Benefit Exchange. 


  •  Evolent Health Client Microsites

With the experience gained in the health industry, I moved on into a private sector company that builds AngularJS applications for their clients. They also hosted and managed the websites for their clients which were built on Drupal, Wordpress and HTML. All these were updated, hosted and managed by me. And also worked with the migration of these from 3rd party hosts to Cloud Hosting (Azure)