Strayer University Corporate Headquarters

Herndon, VA

January 2013 – March 2016

Senior Drupal Developer


Sites Worked on: 



Description: With a 120-year tradition of educational excellence, Strayer University is one of the largest adult education-focused and accredited universities in America, as well as a leading provider of online programs. With more than 50,000 graduate and undergraduate students attending classes at one of 77 campus locations, online courses offered to U.S. and international students, over 2,000 faculty, and specialized schools like the Jack Welch Management Institute, Strayer University is a compelling and enriching center of higher education. 


Completed Projects Include: 


⦁ Singlehandedly built on Drupal from codebase within a month. 

⦁ Used the customized Netbeans IDE to develop the drupal websites. 

⦁ Used Photoshop CS5 to gather/generate required images for the new portal. 

⦁ Went through multiple iterations of homepage theme redesign within a short period of time. 

⦁ Implemented critical revenue impacting scripts with traceability using various services like Sparkroom, Omniture, Lightning Bolt, Google Analytics etc. 

⦁ Customized Drupal views and bean blocks for the client as per requirement. 

⦁ Assisted in drupal server optimization. 

⦁ Worked on migrating the high traffic sites from legacy Rackspace server to Acquia server for better control and flexibility. 

⦁ Served as the primary point of contact and managed over 500 microsites on the ion Liveball platform for various campaign of the marketing team which is a tool based on 

⦁ Created various templates using the template engine on the ion platform 

⦁ Built and managed the Strayer and JWMI mobile site project and integrated the frontend with backend using CodeIgniter and JQuery mobile frameworks. 

⦁ Worked with multiple bugtracking and project management tools like Unfuddle, Clarizen, Trello, Slack, Oracle Ticket Manager, Zapier, Confluence and Sifter. 

⦁ Worked on design and development of various projects which involved sub- theming of particular sections of the site without affecting the whole site. 

⦁ Coordinated with and managed third party vendors for various large scale projects. 

⦁ Managed legacy PHP callcenter application which allows third party callcenter to report inquiries. 

⦁ Regularly synced the content on SQL Server with latest information from the marketing team. 

⦁ Used GitHub as primary repository for all projects and migrated SVN into Git repo. 

⦁ Used CSS media queries and jQuery to convert a drupal theme into responsive theme within a short deadline to meet the Google mobile friendly algorithm update requirements. 

⦁ Handled DNS updates for new subdomain requests. 

⦁ Followed strict SDLC for all high level projects. 

⦁ Setup the Development, staging and production deployment process with git repos. 

⦁ Worked on integrating and managing Wordpress CMS into the Drupal CMS setup on Acquia Cloud Servers. 

⦁ Worked on development of Drupal modules which connect to external SOAP Webservices (Salesforce, Peoplesoft and Blackboard) and API to import data into drupal.

⦁ Implemented single sign on using SAML with drupal for student login on the student portal.

⦁ Used Blackboard API to retrieve data into student session to be displayed with the student dashboard without visiting blackboard.

⦁ Served as the primary repo and server administrator. Handled the branching on GIT and deployed to each of the multiple servers managed by me.

⦁ Designed and used watchdog log format to work well with Splunk to detect server errors as soon as possible.

⦁ Received multiple appreciation awards on successful completion of major projects.