This page is an archive of my non-work related website creation since my schooling days up until recent times. You will find various technologies and techniques used as I progressed in web development over the years.


  • My personal site: As soon as I learned basic HTML in 1998, I wanted to experiment it so started with making a website for myself.
  • My bro's site (not made by me but worth putting here :)) : and soon my bro when in 4th class learned and made this site for himself.
  • My mobile site: I made this site for getting ringtones and images for my simple nokia phone using GPRS. I could not access the huge HTML pages with that phone so made a webpage compatible with the screen resolution of my phone.
  • My personal site V2: After I learned some rules and proper techniques of web development. I updated my personal site.
  • Blog site: Before I was aware of blogging sites like blogger and yahoo blog etc to satisfy my interest in sharing my experience with the world, I created this simple website with contents related to my trip to Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
  • Pratham 2005 Website:  When I was elected as the president of the Software Engineering Association (SEA) at BIET, I created the website for all the department of the college and also created a site for the big event which we organized in 2005 called Pratham. The idea itself was initialized by SEA.
  • SEA Website: During the same time as the event PRATHAM 2005, I created the website for our association too. Using Flash Animation intros.
  • V3r Consultancy: I created this portfolio website for my dad using my web designing skills with templates.
  • Visa Guide: After my Visa interview for Masters in USA. I created this site to help out my friends in planning for their masters.
  • Mobile App Administration: During my bachelors, I used J2EE and J2SE to develop a server side administration site for a mobile application created in J2ME using the Google API.
  • My personal site V3: After a few years of not updating my site I updated it with some of my new learnings.
  • After all basic web development experience, I moved to using CMS (Content Management Systems) like Joomla and used it for developing a full fledged Video rental application and later modified it to be an affiliate store of Amazon.
  • Peer Vision: Create this updated portfolio website for my dad in free time with the information provided using Drupal and hosted on AWS EC2 Server. 
  • Swathi Engineering Works: Created a basic company site for my father in law in free time to showcase and sell his business / products using Drupal CMS.