I have written quite a few papers during my bachelors and masters. Some of them are:


  • Bluetooth Technology
    • During my Bachelors in Computer Science at JNTU (2002-2006), I wrote a paper and gave a presentation on the Bluetooth Wireless Technology when it was just a newly introduced technology.
  • Evolution of Gaming
    • During my bachelors in Computer Science at JNTU (2002-2006). I wrote a paper on the developing trend in gaming. I discussed how the games, controllers and the gaming hardware evolved from their ancestors to the present generation of gaming consoles. I chose this topic due to my interest in the trending technologies and Gaming.
  • Adaptive Web Interfaces
    • Because of my interest in Web Application Development, I chose the Technical Topic Paper on "Adaptive Web Interfaces : A Study of how webpages adapt to a users interest". And after researching and writing the paper I successfully presented the paper in front of the audience during my Masters in Computer Science at SIUe (2006-2009).