Evolent Health

Arlington VA

April 2017 - Present (Contract to Hire)

Senior Drupal Developer

Description: Evolent Health is comprised of an experienced and committed group of health care professionals, unified by a passion for transforming the way health care is delivered and experienced in America.

Completed Projects Include: 

  • Working as a full time full stack web developer dealing with various technologies and learning something new everyday.
  • Multiple components updates on Prism style guide
  • Updated Prism releases and repository.
  • Worked on Drupal community portal multi tenancy.
  • Worked on jobvite framework update on the evolenthealth drupal portal.
  • Updated the microsites with the latest SBC for premiere health docs.
  • Updated the identify application UI with the new prism changes.
  • Took ownership of multiple drupal and non drupal web applications for development and administration.
  • Migrated multiple client sites built on various CMS from Hostgator to Azure.
  • Setup CI/CD using VSTS on Azure IaaS architecture.
  • Worked on OpenID connect module integration with the custom IDP solution.
  • Used various API to get client details and integrate with Drupal Organic Groups.
  • I was the subject matter expert (SME) for Drupal and Client focused websites at Evolent Health
  • We managed the project in a Agile fashion and had daily scrums with the team.
  • Worked in a small team environment and was self motivated and working on constantly improving the manageability of the many client sites.
  • Worked with bigger teams from other projects as a front end web developer by learning Angular JS and React.
  • Worked with Elastic Search, MS SQL server and C#.net for the backend application development.
  • Wrote shell scripts to rsync files between multiple servers.
  • Used monit and zabbix to monitor and autorestart services running on servers to avoid downtime on servers.


List of Sites Worked on as part of Evolent Health

1 Evolent Health www.evolenthealth.com Drupal 7
2 Identifi Community www.myidentifi.com/community Drupal 7
3 Identifi Learning www.myidentifi.com/learning Drupal 7
4 WKCC Portal www.wakemedkeycc.org Drupal 7
5 IUH Part D www.iuhealthplansmedicarepartd.org Wordpress 4
6 Medstar Provider Network www.medstarprovidernetwork.org Drupal 7
7 Medstar Medicare Choice www.medstarmedicarechoice.org Drupal 7
8 Medstar Sales www.medstarsales.com Wordpress 4
9 Medstar MyHealth www.medstarmyhealth.org HTML
10 Premiere Health Docs www.premierhealthdocs.org/sbc HTML
11 Premiere WHP pwplans.com HTML
12 Mississippi True www.mississippitrue.com HTML
13 eFax   .Net
14 evredir www.evredir.com HTML
15 Juntos Health www.juntoshealth.com HTML
16 Truehealth NM   HTML
17 Truehealth NY    HTML
18 Truehealth    HTML