District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange

Washington DC

May 2016 - March 2017 

Senior Drupal Developer


 Sites Worked on :




Description: DC Health Link was created and is governed by the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX). The HBX was established as a requirement of Section 3 of the Health Benefit Exchange Authority Establishment Act of 2011. The mission of the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority is to implement a health care exchange program in the District of Columbia in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), thereby ensuring access to quality and affordable health care to all DC residents. DC Health Link is the name of the DC Health Benefit Exchange program.


Completed Projects Include:


⦁ Implement the preferred broker program across the dchealthlink Drupal website.

⦁ Updated the MySql database design for implementing the requested modifications

⦁ Modify the existing custom built Drupal Modules as per requirement.

⦁ Update the custom administration CMS with the new database designs for sync.

⦁ Work with the team for code management on Git Repository.

⦁ Integrated non-drupal applications into Drupal.

⦁ Helped the team with updating coding practices and standards across the system.

⦁ Worked with Ruby on Rails for the Enrollment Application Template updates.

⦁ Designed and developed a Pattern Library to make styles and scripts consistent across the various applications.

⦁ Redesigned UI and UX for the health plan shopping across applications for 2017.

⦁ Setup A/B tests for different versions for the health plan shopping page, plan details and plan comparison pages using Optimizely.

⦁ Worked on integrating the Emma eMail Marketing service with in-house ruby on rails application using their API